Wireless Monitoring of Your Cows and Herd

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Animal Health, Technology

Well CowWe’re hearing a lot about health applications of mobile and wearable technology lately. The anticipated iWatch from Apple is expected to open some new doors into that technology. But that’s for humans. What about cows? Well a Scottish company is introducing a bluetooth way to monitor cow and herd health – The Well CowTM Bolus.

Monitor the health of your herd remotely

The Well Cow bolus wirelessly monitors rumen pH and temperature, allowing optimisation of nutrition management for cows to improve their health and welfare. Farmers can use the data to optimise the diets for their cattle and consequently improve production efficiency and ultimately the profitability of their business.

Well CowTM has now also demonstrated the world’s first automated continuous long term measurement of rumen pH in dairy herds using its unique wireless telemetry bolus system. This enables the dietary health of herds to be monitored and early indications of problems which will adversely affect milk yields to be identified.

In the future Well CowTM technology will have the potential to also deliver the automated detection and measurement of other health and disease markers. This technology together with the latest developments in Wide Area Network communications will provide farmers with immediate alerts on the status of their herds on PC’s and mobile devices.

Thanks to CNET for the heads up.