The Revolution of Precision Nutrition

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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.16.38 PMChuck recently spoke to ADM’s Jeff Hill about their product AMPT which is revolutionizing mineral nutrition.

“AMPT is a new range cow free choice mineral. As the acronym implies AMPT stands for Advanced Mineral Performance Technologies. We took a very specific approach trying to target just the nutrients that the animal needs at the right levels and also enhance it with the most current technology out there.”

Trying to keep it as simple as possible, ADM has provided a diverse line of products that will meet the needs of many different farming and ranching operations. The line includes four base products: AMPT-A, AMPT-M, AMPT-P and AMPT-T.

AMPT-A is a basic entry level product and is the mineral of choice for cattle grazing wheat pasture or other high quality forages.

AMPT-M is filled with a higher lever of magnesium for protection against grass tetany or other situations requiring additional magnesium.

AMPT-P supplies extra fortification along with a boost of phosphorus content, CitriStim, natural source of vitamin E and selenium yeast. It is great for before and after calving, during breeding season or during any stressful situation.

AMPT-T is for producers only wanting to use one mineral year-round. It includes a natural-source of vitamin E and botanical extract enhancing stress resistance and rumen function. Endo-Fighter and low salt formulas are also available.

Jeff says they target a 4oz. intake and they were able to accomplish this by not putting in anything that simply didn’t need to be there. He says AMPT has “everything you need and nothing that you don’t.”

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Jeff here: Interview with Jeff Hill, ADM

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