Utilize Second Crop to Meet Your Nutrient Needs

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Second_Crop_F_aJohn Klein, Corn Replacement Feed & Forage Products Business Manager for ADM had a chance to visit with Chuck the other day about one of the products they offer called ADM Second Crop. The title was given to a process they created for treating crop residue.

“It got the title Second Crop because after harvesting your grain you come in and bale up your corn stalks, wheat straw or other non-legume forage. We work with the local commercial sub-grinders and producer to set up a day to bring the equipment out and actually treat the corn stalks or wheat straw turning it into a better quality feed.”

ADM has really focused on making the process as efficient as it can possible be. This has allowed them to keep their cost down and get a lot done in one day. John said the most they have treated in one day is a 1,000 ton of wet feed at 50% moisture.

The ideal situation is to be set up to deliver directly to the tub grinder as the forage comes off the field. As it is being ground, ADM is there are treating it. There are many different ways you can handle the end product but it must be packed and stored in a anaerobic space.

John also goes on to share how cost effective this process is for producers. Depending on what type of operation you are running, he said you could replace 7%-80% of your animals intake by using this treated residue. Other ADM additives are also out there to up supplement a producers nutrient needs, like minerals that are made specifically for Second Crop users.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with John here: Interview with John Klein, ADM

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