Gesdate App Puts Herd in Your Hand

Cindy ZimmermanApps, Livestock, Swine, Technology

gesdateA new iPhone app called GESDATE for swine producers to digitally track breeding, gestation, farrowing dates, litters, vaccinations, and more.

From conception to sale or harvest day, GESDATE moves swine operations to a new tier of herd organization and management, giving producers unprecedented real-time access to farm data, and introduces a remarkable farm staff collaboration tool.

All of these features lead to time and money savings, according to GESDATE co-founder Jeff Maynard. Maynard was raised on a farm and has been active as a breeder, 4-H and FFA leader, judge and showman in the swine industry for over 30 years.

“This new smart phone app will replace spiral notebooks, white boards and antiquated software that is prevalent for recordkeeping in the industry,” says Maynard.

“This allows a user to share information on herds of all sizes with anyone on the farm given access,” Maynard added. “It’s taking your computer recordkeeping to the barn, truck or field — only better,” he says.

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