Alltech Brings Positive Message of Agriculture to France

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alltech-global-14-bagbyWhile usually focused on their producer customers, Alltech is also reaching out to the average consumer who might be picking up the ultimate products of their animal agriculture at the grocery store. To that end, at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Caen, France, the company had the Alltech Experience pavilion to give consumers more information about the food they eat.

“We want to give a positive message of agriculture,” explained Elizabeth Bagby, Alltech Corporate Marketing Manager, during an interview with Chuck. And she said it’s not just the company giving that message. “We wanted producers to tell that story. So if you go into [the Alltech Experience pavillion], there’s actually touchscreens. You see a map, you see pictures of different species, and you touch it, and it’s a producer telling you how he provides food for the consumer.”

Alltech had two themes at the event: 1. How to feed an expected world population of 9 billion people by 2050; and 2. How to meet increasing consumer demands of knowing where their food comes from and wanting more wholesome food. In addition, the displays focused on how to use resources from the ocean, using algae for fish and livestock feed; advances in land agronomy and crops; and of course, focusing on Alltech’s meat and potatoes: animal agriculture. Elizabeth said they made sure to have the displays and presentations in a variety of languages that focused on how family farmers are providing food for your family.

“A lot of kids don’t know where their food comes from. They think milk is grown at the supermarket. So we wanted to make sure to have something that would draw them in, something that was visually interesting, but allow us to tell the story and use this platform for agriculture.”

You can listen to all of Chuck’s conversation with Elizabeth here: Interview with Elizabeth Bagby, Alltech

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