Charting the Course & Setting Sail with the Hereford Breed

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hereford-14-30-editedHost of NCBA’s “Cattlemen to Cattlemen” and agribusiness consultant, Kevin Ochsner, opened and closed the Hereford Genetic Summit covering the importance of navigating and setting the course for the breeds future.

“Breeders in the seedstock industry are really the architects of tomorrows beef industry. Because of that we have got to understand where this industry is headed, where are consumers are headed and some of the external factors that are going to impact the kind of cattle that are both profitable and acceptable for consumers.”

As the conference wrapped up, Kevin asked producers to look at their long-term and short-term goals they wanted to go home and implement on their own operations.

“Fundamentally, as a seedstock producer you have to have a plan and I think one of the key messages here is you got to have a clear picture of what you are trying to improve in your cattle You have to move the needle in that direction without chasing and following fads and messing with a lot of other traits in the process. I hope that people heard there is measurement technology, whether it be EPDs or genomic enhanced EPDs, out there that we can employ so we don’t only rely on our eyes to breed and design cattle, but to think about the data.”

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