How to Understand Tomorrow's Consumer

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hereford-14-160-editedThe most important element in the chain of the beef industry is obviously the consumers. That is why it is imperative that we understand them. Sounds simple, right? Not always, because we have such a diverse array of consumers. The American Hereford Association brought in two experts to talk to producers about six thought starters to help us all understand the consumer a bit better at last week’s Hereford Genetic Summit.

John Lundeen is the Sr. Director of Market Research for NCBA and Joe Pawlak is Vice President of Technomic. The duo covered two perspectives: the everyday consumer and restaurants. I sat down with them after their presentation and the banter between them will inform us all.

6 Thought Starters:
1. It’s Not Meat & Potatoes Anymore
2. Ground Beef, Ground Beef, Ground Beef
3. It’s a Small Meal
4. Quality Matters…the Broad Definition
5. The Production Story
6. Price

hereford-14-161-editedRoast is being replaced with ethnic flavors, food trucks and one pot meals. Further processed cuts of beef are becoming more desirable. Ground beef was the ‘original convenience food’ and provides a value meal. Burgers allow for customization and creativity. A study showed that 62% of homes are 1-2 person households. People are eating alone and snacking more, therefore the need for smaller meals grows. Quality is still important, but the definition of healthy have changed. It’s all about freshness. Fresh is the new healthy. The production story allows for transparency, shows sustainability, is important to millennials and gives the opportunity for producers to highlight their continuous improvements.

Listen to my interview with John and Joe as they further explain the thought starters and what they mean to the beef industry here: Interview with John Lundeen & Joe Pawlak

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