Genetic Canadian Alliance Formed

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal Health, Cattle, Reproduction

Foundation Genetics Service, Inc, Canada, will join Accelerated Genetics, USA and Cogent Breeding Ltd, United Kingdom, forming an alliance to expand their portfolio of breed leading, dairy genetics, animal health products and value-added services to producers in Canada on December 1, 2014.

Albert Reurink, Accelerated Genetics Vice President International Sales is excited about the alliance. “At Accelerated Genetics, our vision is to be the producer’s trusted first choice. The addition of Foundation Genetics is a major step in achieving that vision. Producers in Canada will benefit from the great genetics we offer such as 014HO06494 He-Man, 014HO06047 Favre, and 014HO07449 Ocean-PP.”

Cogent Breeding is also optimistic about this partnership opportunity. John Cochrane, International Sales Manager for Cogent Breeding, adds, “With the recent International attention and release of 224HO02881 Supershot, we are delighted to be able to offer superior genetics to the Canadian market.”

Foundation Genetics has been marketing genetics from highly ranked genomic and proven dairy sires since 1999. This new partnership will enhance the services offered to Canadian customers by exclusively supplying semen from both the Accelerated Genetics and Cogent Breeding bull line-ups.

David Brand, General Manager of Foundation Genetics Service, said, “I am very pleased with our new agreement, which will make Foundation Genetics a key supplier within the bovine A.I. industry. Foundation Genetics’ vision and corporate strategy directly aligns with our new partners complementing the current offering of dairy genetics, to producers across Canada.”

Along with top-end bulls, Foundation Genetics will also market Accelerated Genetics’ on-farm mating program, GEM® (Genetic Evaluation and Mating). This industry-leading, time-tested program has access to the largest bull-mating database and will create an ideal sire selection index for each producer. A select range of animal health products from Accelerated Genetics will also be made available to dairymen through Foundation Genetics. These products are producer-tested solutions to manage calves from day one through their adult lifecycle.

Accelerated Genetics and Cogent Breeding already work closely together in the USA and are delighted to add the partnership of Foundation Genetics to this synergy.