Beef – Best Tasting Multivitamin

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nafb-cbbAs Executive Chef for the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB), Dave Zino doesn’t get to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. The road is his home as he travels across the country educating consumers, food service operators and retailers how to merchandise and cook beef. is home to the greatest resource for anyone who is simply seeking a beef recipe or researching the in’s and out’s of beef nutrients. “I like to call it the website that gives you all the know before you go. We have hundreds of recipes from steak, roasts, burgers to nutritional information on today’s lean beef. A tab on there called the Butcher Counter allows you to click on a cut and get recipe and cut information.”

Lean Matters is a publication the CBB has recently produced to share with consumers the research they have done about how nutritional lean beef is. Dave likes to call beef “natures best tasting multi-vitamin.”

Dave goes on to share other programs the beef checkoff is behind to inform consumers about the wholesome product being produced. A few of these include Easy Fresh Cooking and continuing to become more and more digital.

Listen to or download my complete interview with Dave here: Interview with Dave Zino, CBB

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