Introducing the New USFRA Faces: Thomas Titus

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usfra-faces-thomasIf you get a chance to talk to one of the newest representatives in the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance’s (USFRA) Faces of Farming and Ranching program, you’ll certainly be taken by more than just Thomas Titus’ impressive height (6’8″!). You’ll hear just how enthusiastic he is to talk about the world of agriculture.

“Talking about agriculture was something instilled in me at a very young age,” he told Cindy during a recent interview, adding that his mother was active talking about the pork industry, addressing classrooms and even lawmakers in Washington, D.C. And he believes it’s important to keep telling that story. “Because at the end of the day, we’re consumers as well, and our number 1 priority is producing a safe, secure wholesome product.”

The Illinois pig farmer, who also has a corn and soybean operation and raises show pigs, besides the farrow-to-finish operation, admits the year-long commitment he’ll be making traveling throughout the country as part of the Food Dialogues conversations to help consumers be better aware of what America’s farmers are all is a big one. After talking with the whole family, he decided that this was too important for him not to try to do.

Thomas also encourages anyone who wants to talk more about agriculture to contact him.

“Feel free to reach out to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. If there is a question, that’s why we’re here and what we’re charged with – helping the consuming public understand what we do on a daily basis on our farm.”

You can here more of Cindy’s conversation with Thomas here: New USFRA Faces of Farming and Ranching - Thomas Titus