Top Animal.AgWired Stories for 2014

Cindy ZimmermanGeneral, ZimmComm was given its new name at the beginning of 2014 and we have expanded our audience from primarily dairy to all meat and protein animals and our readership has more than doubled!

In keeping with our annual tradition, here are the top ten stories on Animal.AgWired in 2014. This is based solely on our Word Press statistics, which heavily weighs stories that were shared on social media. What do you think were the top animal ag stories of 2014?

PETA Video Called Out by Real Dairy Farmer
More Than a Competition (World Dairy Expo)
IPOs on the Rise in Animal Health Companies
Alltech works with Feedex to Promote Equestrian Games
Meeting with Dr. Lyons
UdderOne Provides New View for Milking
2015 National FFA Convention Again in Louisville
Missouri Right to Farm Vote Today
Lotz Wins World Livestock Auctioneer
Milk Products Introduces New National Sales Specialist

Thanks for a fabulous 2014 and looking forward to seeing you in 2015!