2015 Purina Chick Days Events

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Chicken, Nutrition

Purina_Chicken Photo_121214Purina Animal Nutrition announces its 2015 Purina Chick Days events. During this nationwide program, Purina retailers will host local educational events from January through May 2015, sharing steps for starting and maintaining backyard flocks of chickens, geese, turkeys or ducks.

“We are pleased to continue this popular Purina program in 2015,” says Jodi Eineichner, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “During the Purina Chick Days events, flock raisers across the country are able to learn new tips from their local retailer for raising happy, healthy flocks. Along with practical tips, our experts help flock raisers select the chicks, supplies and feeds that will help them be most successful.”

The Purina Chick Days events have proven incredibly popular. Since the event’s introduction, backyard flocks have trended forward – with flock raisers enjoying the entertainment and companionship of backyard birds as well as the fresh, nutritious eggs the birds produce for their families.

“Raising a backyard flock is a fun, fruitful endeavor. When you have the tips and information to be successful, you and your birds are best able to enjoy the experience,” says Mikelle Roeder, Ph.D., flock nutrition expert for Purina Animal Nutrition.

“When starting a flock, have a plan for caring for your new chicks from day one through retirement,” Roeder recommends. “For young chicks, create a brooder with free-choice water, proper temperature, adequate space and high-quality starter feed to keep the chicks warm and comfortable. As chicks grow, a protective coop and a transition to a flock-raiser or laying complete feed can help birds produce wholesome, nutritious meat or eggs.”

Purina retailers nationwide will provide how-to recommendations on starting – and maintaining – backyard flocks during the 2015 Purina Chick Days. Participating Purina dealers will also have available Purina® Start & Grow® and Purina® Flock Raiser® Premium Poultry Feeds – two key feeds in providing new chicks a happy, healthy start.