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ippe-15-147-editedArm & Hammer Animal Nutrition had exciting news to share with attendees of the recent International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). As of Jan. 2, their parent company, Church & Dwight, purchased Vi-COR. Arm & Hammer has been a leader in dairy nutrition, but wanted to expand their products to include other species. Vi-COR manufactures yeast-based feed ingredients for a variety of animal species. The partnership allows for company expansion and creates a global presence.

While at IPPE I spoke with Scott Druker, Director of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, about their desire to produce research-proven feed ingredients for multiple species while expanding their already existing dairy products.

“Historically we have been very focused on dairy nutrition. We set out a few years ago to really look at how we could grow our business and expand into other species. About a year ago we started looking into opportunities in refined functional carbohydrates and fermented technologies. We came across Vi-COR, they were a perfect match.”

Listen to my complete interview with Scott here: Interview with Scott Druker, Director, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

I also got to talk to the Mark Holt, former owner of Vi-COR and current consultant for Arm & Hammer. He said Vi-COR has gone to great lengths to be the leader in all-natural animal health products.

“As we started to grow, I realized it comes to a point where any entrepreneur is their own most limiting growth factor in their own company. I think the key to being a good entrepreneur is knowing when you have reached that pinnacle point and time to find someone with more horsepower.”

When approached by Arm & Hammer, Mark said he knew it would be a good fit because they both possessed the same values and desire to have the same impact on the industry by providing producers with alternative nutrition options for their operations.

Learn more about Vi-COR products in my complete interview with Mark here: Interview with Mark Holt, Consultant for Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

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