New GemStone™ Organic Trace Minerals

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Animal Health, Mineral, Nutrition

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.01.39 AMPhibro Animal Health Corporation has launched GemStone™, a new line of organic trace minerals, building on Prince Agri Products’ decades of experience in mineral nutrition. Chelated organic trace minerals help promote health and productivity for dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine, aquaculture and companion animals.

The GemStone line includes zinc, copper, manganese and iron compounds. These organic trace minerals use glycine as the ligand for the amino acid chelates, providing a very small molecule size and the proven performance characteristics of glycinate minerals. GemStone products also include a classic molecular structure and high solubility, further promoting improved dilution, absorption and bioavailability. GemStone organic trace minerals are available in a highly concentrated and easy-flowing granular form.

“Animal producers have long recognized us as their trusted source for mineral nutrition,” said Mike Bernhardt, area sales manager of Phibro Mineral Nutrition (formerly Prince Agri Products). “Based on the reputation we have built for providing high-quality minerals and trace mineral premixes, the GemStone introduction reflects Phibro’s continuing commitment to be the animal mineral nutrition leader.”

Bernhardt added that Phibro and independent third parties conducted extensive in vitro testing and confirming animal studies in developing the new organic trace mineral product offerings. The addition of GemStone, he said, confirms that Phibro will continue to be a full-line mineral nutrition supplier. Phibro Mineral Nutrition now has the ability to meet customer premix specifications with GemStone minerals, while continuing to provide the broad range of inorganic and other organic minerals we always have offered.

Kent Voran, vice president of Phibro Mineral Nutrition, commented, “The quality, value and proven performance that customers have come to expect from us will be reflected in Phibro’s GemStone product offerings, backed by the experienced sales and service of our Mineral Nutrition group.”