Dairy Herd Management Webinar on Milk Lose

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Dairy, Webinar

Dairy Herd ManagementDairy Herd Management is hosting a free webinar April 13, 2015 at 1pm CST. The event is sponsored by Novus and will focus on locating lost milk by addressing management, facility and cow comfort measures needed to optimize production.

Several factors go into keeping a cow at peak production. Management, facility design, cow behavior, health and nutrition are just a few. Hear from two leading industry experts on these topics and where to look on your dairies for lost milk from your cows.

Lucas Sjostrom, Assistant Editor for Dairy Herd Management will serve as moderator for the webinar. Speakers will include: Dr. Gordie Jones, Central Sands Dairy and Lindsay Collings, Novus C.O.W.S.

Registration can be done online. So, if you are a dairy nutritionist, producer, veterinarian or industry professional mark your calendar and register today.