Chicken Summit Tackles Industry Myths

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Audio, Chicken, Food, National Chicken Council, Poultry, US Poultry

cms-15-136-editedThe 2015 Chicken Media Summit is a wrap, but the dialogue will continue. A panel titled “Chicken Myths & Facts” answered questions many not directly involved in the poultry community simple don’t understand. Panelist discussed hormones, antibiotics, chicken litter, environmental issues and other hot button issues on the minds of consumers.

Tom Super, VP of Communications for the National Chicken Council, served as the panels moderator and said, “We talked about opening up the dialogue. I would hope that the take home message is that the dialogue doesn’t stop today. We want to continue the conversation. We hope the folks in attendance will go and be active on social media and continue the dialogue.”

“We know more than ever the burden of proof for the care of the birds and the way we raise and process them falls squarely on us. Videos are great. Social media great. Press releases are great. But we really wanted to take it a step further and open the doors and show folks with their own eyes letting them see and smell the whole process from farm to fork.”

We all know that the term transparency is a buzz word throughout animal agriculture. Tom said for the poultry industry, transparency means physically opening the doors and starting a dialogue with no propaganda. “Telling them what it is we do, why we do it and then answering their questions.”

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