DeLaval Expands Social Media Efforts

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Dairy, Social Media

Delaval_Logo_CMYK_NEWDeLaval Inc. announced the launch of its United State’s Facebook page. The page will be targeted toward the US market to improve customer engagement in the region and reach new audiences. It will connect a diverse range of dairy farmers from various geographical regions to facilitate the sharing of thoughts and ideas. The page will communicate information such as updates for trade shows, open houses and other events in real time. It will also showcase product innovations, promotions, general industry information and trends. DeLaval’s Facebook page will add another platform for customer interactions as it joins the company’s other social network sites Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The US Facebook page will target the American dairy industry to address its unique needs. Regular updates planned for the page include instructional videos, featured dairy farms, and interesting facts and figures. A recurring theme will be “Feeding Fridays” which will provide beneficial forage information designed to help maximize a farmer’s investment. Though DeLaval will manage the page, producers are encouraged to participate to share their experiences and best practices.

“We are leveraging Facebook as another means of creating dialog with our customers. As technology continues to evolve, we will use it to our advantage to provide added value for them,” states Mac Canali, Marketing and Communications Manager for DeLaval North America, “DeLaval has always been an industry pace-setter due to our premium products and strong customer relationships. Our Facebook page will be another tool for us to strengthen those relationships.”