Emerging Animal Ag Issues Tackled at Summit

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aaa-15-9-editedThe Animal Ag Alliance wrapped up the 2015 Stakeholders Summit yesterday in Kansas City, Mo and president of the organization, Kay Johnson Smith, said each year they strive to bring emerging issues to the forefront of discussion.

“We know that agriculture is always on a journey to improve, to excel and find ways to do better. But we aren’t sure the public knows that. The idea behind the Summit is to take a look at those hot button issues and share innovative ways people and organizations in this industry are addressing them.”

The event tackled issues like sustainability, feeding a growing population and marketing to millennials. Our speakers were CEO’s, producers, marketing professionals and bloggers. The diverse lineup gave unique perspectives, but transparency seemed to be a common trend. “We heard the term radical transparency, that idea is about making transparency a common theme within the ag community. We have a great story to tell and farmers want to tell that story.”

Kay said the Alliance motto of connect, engage and protect sums up the events efforts to advocate for the animal agriculture industry and is an easy take home message for all. Next year’s event will be back in our nation’s Capitol and Kay said they are already exploring themes surrounding a global agriculture.

Listen to my complete interview with Kay here: Interview with kay Johnson Smith, Animal Ag Alliance

Find photos from the event here: 2015 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit Photo Album

Coverage of the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit is sponsored by
Coverage of the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit is sponsored by Elanco Animal Health