Proving Sustainability in Beef

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rebelation15-127-editedDiscussion on the future of beef brought producers and industry leaders from around the world to Lexington, KY for Alltech’s REBELation this week. One of those speakers was Bob Langert, Editor at Large, Green Biz Group and retired McDonald’s VP of Sustainability. So naturally, he shared his thoughts on sustainability and how the industry needs to transform to survive.

“I got hit up after my talk by cattle ranchers that said, ‘We are sustainable.’ I don’t debate that. I have been out there and have seen how things are done. I think the global system for raising livestock is awesome. What ag people do for food safety, for value, for quality, for dependability is truly amazing.”

But Bob said it isn’t good enough to simply say you are sustainable. “You have to prove it. You have to have systems in place. You have to have some sort of system for measuring standards. You have to show a skeptical public.”

“Products and services need to have a purpose. I also think we have to show our values, not just the value monetarily but the values that are behind our business.”

He challenges the industry to take charge of our destiny when it comes to these very tough issues. He has seen the beef industry play too much defense. Embrace the need to prove sustainability is present and take charge.

Listen to my complete interview with Bob here: Interview with Bob Langert

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