Afimilk Customers Earn Top Scores

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Dairy

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.30.45 AMAfimilk’s management system is proud to say their customers are in top producing positions worldwide. One customer, Larenwood Farms of Oxford County, supported by Norwell Dairy Systems, earned the top score for Ontario and Western Canada.

“Afimilk is an important part of our overall management. We rely on the accurate and timely information it provides to make informed decisions,” said Owner Chris McLaren recently.

With 985 out of a possible 1,000 points, the McLarens achieved superior performance in all aspects of herd management. Their 2014 score also led the entire CanWest area (Ontario to British Columbia), which encompasses 4,000 DHI herds. The McLarens maintain a milking herd of 90 Holsteins.

The DHI Herd Management Score allocates points for operation in six different areas, and is a barometer of overall herd performance. Also excellent for monitoring operations from year to year, the score allows herds to gauge themselves against others.

Summitholm Holstein of Lynden in Ontario’s Wentworth County, was ranked second. The award-winning 100-acre farm, operated by Carl, Ben & Dave Loewith, is located in Lynden, Ontario.

“We chose Afimilk equipment and software because of other farmers’ recommendations. We have been working with the Afimilk system for about six years and are currently milking 360 cows with Afi,” said Carl.

According to Carl, Afimilk offers increased heat detection, early detection of transition cow problems, monitoring of milkers’ performance and better evaluation of changes in milking equipment. Loewith added that Afimilk enables “precision management”.