Holstein Association Elects Leaders, Amends Bylaws

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holsteinassocThe recent National Holstein Convention saw the election of new officers and some changes to the group’s bylaws.

Gordie Cook of Massachusetts was elected president of the Holstein Association USA board of directors at the organization’s annual meeting, held June 25- 26 in St. Charles, Illinois, during the 130th National Holstein Convention. He replaced retiring President Glen E. Brown of Utah.

Boyd Schaufelberger of Illinois was elected vice president. R. Paul Buhr of Wisconsin and Patrick Maddox of California were re-elected as directors for Regions 5 and 9, respectively. John Andersen of Idaho was elected director for Region 8, while John Marshman of New York was elected at-large director. The president and vice president serve for two years, while the directors serve three-year terms. Jonathan Lamb of New York and Bill Wright of Utah retired from the board.

Some of the changes to the group’s bylaws include removing the requirement the annual meeting will be held in June or July, rules for delegate participation, and a resolution to pursue discussions with Holstein Canada on electronic data sharing of pedigree information.