Brookside Agra Celebrates 30 Years

Jamie JohansenUncategorized

brookside-agra-logoIn 1985, Don and Margaret Riesenberg founded Brookside Agra in their Highland, Illinois home realizing that they could achieve the same or better results using all-natural ingredients, instead of chemicals in specialty feed additives and agricultural and environmental products.

For the past 30 years, Don has served as president and lead researcher for O’Fallon, Illinois-based Brookside Agra. Because of Don’s dedication to the development and research of all-natural and organic products for the agricultural and environmental markets, Brookside Agra has attained worldwide recognition for its products, which are currently used in more than 96 countries around the world.

“I am extremely proud of the progress that Brookside Agra has made in its 30 years to bring all-natural, quality products to crop and animal farmers and a variety of industries throughout the country and the world,” Riesenberg said. “We are dedicated to continual research and the development of natural products that provide research-proven solutions to accommodate our customers’ needs.”

To commemorate Brookside’s anniversary, it launched a new website with e-commerce capabilities. For the first time, customers will be able to purchase some of Brookside’s select products securely online. The new site also includes comprehensive product information, product research, tips for using various Brookside products, news and instructional videos.

Backed by five generations of farming and feed manufacturing expertise, Brookside Agra is still a family-run business, boasting an impressive lineup of industry experts who continue to research and develop new products.

Brookside Agra offers a variety of all-natural, safe products for animal health; industrial, commercial and home use; environmental and agricultural use; and specialty feed additives. Before any product is added to Brookside’s line, extensive research is conducted by independent and university research facilities to ensure consistent, positive performance.

Some of Brookside Agra’s most popular products include AgraAde Yucca Meal™ 15%, DrainXcel™, Advanced Bio Pro™ and natural water conservation agent H2OExcel™. Brookside Agra also recently secured exclusive U.S. distribution rights for NoxiFerm™, an all-natural feed nutritional supplement formulated to improve daily gain and feed efficiency in broiler chickens and pigs.