BIVI Market Ready to Tackle Consumer Concerns

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It is no secret within the beef community that a stigma has been created around the use of antibiotics in beef cattle. There is now an almost universal concern among consumers regarding the use of antibiotics and other drugs in animals raised for meat, causing a large producer-consumer disconnect; one that is the perfect catalyst for innovative advances in agricultural technologies.

ams15-biviThe minds behind Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI), have accepted the challenge of maintaining the satisfaction of their increasingly concerned consumer base. Their solution? They call it Market Ready, a feeder calf certification program designed to increase transparency from the production industry to consumers, as well as to provide a user friendly, flexible opportunity for producers to take advantage of the economic benefits preconditioning programs are known to create.

“There is a cascading effect of value,” said BIVI representative Matt Williams during an interview at the recent Ag Media Summit. “Not only from the cow-calf operator, but onto the feed yard, and the ultimate experience for the consumer.”

Market Ready certification is offered through three different management programs, each containing packages of different vaccines and preventative care products designed to protect calves and precondition them for the highest value possible, and allows farmers options to keep flexibility at the certification’s core.

“There are multiple protocols that producers and veterinarians can follow,” Williams said, “We’ve put in different tools to use with these protocols so anyone can participate. You can make the program fit your needs to set those animals up to perform.”

There is a universal benefit for all affected by Market Ready, for both producer and consumer alike. As Williams said, “The more we can [prioritize] preventative care, the better we’re all off, whether its the cattle industry as a whole or the consumer.”

Market Ready has officially launched this year. Interested producers are encouraged to contact their veterinarian or their local BIVI rep for more information on the Market Ready certification programs.

Listen to my Interview with Williams: Interview with Matt Williams, BIVI

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