CattleFax Webinar to Address Producer Challenges

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, calf, Cattle, Markets, Webinar

cattlefaxWith U.S. beef herds expanding cow-calf producers will need to respond.  CattleFax is hosting an upcoming webinar to guide ranchers through the challenge by adjusting business plans.

CattleFax is encouraging cow-calf producers to register now for its Trends+ Cow-Calf Webinar at 5:30 p.m. MT, Sept. 10, 2015. To participate in the webinar and access program details, producers simply need to register online at

Record-high profits in the cow-calf segment have created an expansion that is on pace to be the most aggressive U.S. beef cowherd rebuilding effort in four decades. The cowherd could add 2.5 million cows over the next three years and approach 33 million by 2020. Profits could narrow considerably during that time, but well-informed producers can adjust production, marketing and risk management plans with increasing supplies in mind and remain profitable.

The webinar will be a one-hour session with analysts discussing various topics such as: cattle and feedstuff market projection, supply and margin expectations, and a roadmap to keep U.S. ranchers economically viable through the process.

This presentation is part of a Trends + webinar series of information designed to help producers make decisions about current market conditions.  The series is being offered for free, thanks to the sponsorship of Elanco Animal Health.