Milk Products Launches Calf Solutions Line

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, calf, Dairy, Milk, Nutrition

milk products screen shotMilk Products LLC is introducing Calf Solutions, a line of milk supplements and animal health products to help dairy producers achieve great nutrition for full development of genetic potential.

As the needs of dairy producers and calf raisers continue to change, the Calf SolutionsTM portfolio of products was developed to provide the consistent nutrition calves need. The calf- focused, branded portfolio incorporates formulas to enhance whole milk, such as fortifiers, balancers and extenders, along with time-tested, familiar animal health products, like colostrum replacers and electrolytes. The Calf SolutionsTM products are designed for dairy operations and calf ranches to ensure accurate and complete nutrition in every feeding, formulated to maximize calves’ lifetime productivity potential.

“We are excited to launch a brand specifically dedicated to dairy producers,” said Director of Commercial Business Development Sara Sievert. “Calf SolutionsTM gives us an opportunity to work with our customers to provide solutions to the challenges today’s producers face.”

You can begin purchasing Calf Solutions products this fall.