Vetericyn Pinkeye Spray Requires No Withdrawal

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wde-vetericyn Results from a study on Vetericyn Plus™ Pinkeye Spray recently completed by Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine shows a significant reduction in both pain scores and lesion size, and finds no need to require a withdrawal period from the product for lactating cows.

The Auburn University study found that dairy calves treated with Vetericyn Plus™ Pinkeye Spray had an average pain score reduction of 79.1% by day two, showing 60.8% greater pain reduction than that seen in the control group. Lesion size was also reduced significantly, showing an 85% reduction in size by day three compared to the control group.

The Pinkeye Spray, like all Vetericyn Plus™ OTC livestock health products, was developed using an innovative immunological technology involving the molecule hypochlorous acid(HOCl). It contains no antibiotics, and the study found no measurable residues of the spray in milk, serum, plasma, liver, muscle or fat. This has eliminated the need for withdrawal time for lactating cows, as well as eliminating the need to trim edible tissues at the slaughter of beef cattle.

“The greatest benefit of the product is its ease of use,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott VanWinkle during an interview at the 2015 World Dairy Expo, “You can come in and use it right in the milking parlor. There’s no withdrawal period, there’s no cytotoxicity to the product at all, so you can be confident that you’re using a very safe and effective product,”

The product is also extremely cost effective. “As far as a cost per eye, per application it’s about 15 cents,” said VanWinkle, “So you can buy a bottle of the product and use it to treat a number of animals, without having to purchase costly antibiotics or being required to take your animals out of the milking parlors due to withdrawal times.”

Vetericyn Plus products are sold at a variety of retailers across the country, and also may be purchased online. Interested customers are encouraged to visit the website and find a retailer in their area.

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