Dairy Care 365 Provides Key Training & Proven Success

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wde-15-226-editedDairy Care 365 is a tool from Merck Animal Health to train employees on dairies about animal stockmenship. The series of educational videos are available in multiple languages and provide an assessment at the end. Dr. Mike Bolton serves as the Dairy Technical Services Manager for Merck Animal Health and has been behind the training tool since it’s beginning. I spoke with him at the 2015 World Dairy Expo.

“I think this really helps the dairy owner have some tools free of charge that are valuable to train their employees.”

Mike said currently there are seven modules. Five are available online and the others will come online later this year. Go to dairycare365.com and register once to have full access to the material.

“The modules are only part of it now. We put on seminars now that have been requested by the processors for dairy owners.” Mike said these seminars allow producers to look at their own dairies to ensure they have an up to date animal care plan in practice.

Listen to my complete interview with Mike to learn about the all encompassing training tool from Merck Animal Health Interview with Dr. Mike Bolton, Dairy Care 365

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