Qiagen Pathogen Kit Ensures Swine Health

Lizzy SchultzAnimal Health, Biotech, Qiagen, Swine, Technology, Veterinary

Qiagen New studies performed by QIAGEN show that the recently launched MagAttract 96 cador Pathogen Kit, which is based on the cador family reagents and uses magnetic bead technology, is equivalent in performance to the swine industry’s worldwide recognized gold standard QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit in swine oral fluid pathogen DNA and RNA extraction.

The addition of the new pathogen Kit completes the cador Pathogen product portfolio. The portfolio is especially designed for veterinary use, and also includes the QIAamp cador Pathogen Mini Kit for centrifugation and the cador Pathogen 96 QIAcube HT Kit for high-throughput vacuum technology.

All of our cador Pathogen extraction kits ensure best performance every time, independent of the platform you may be using, whether it is high- or low-throughput, or magnetic-bead or silica-membrane based.