St. Louis Science Center Agriculture Exhibit

Jamie JohansenAdvocate, Ag Group, Beef, Education

MBICThe Missouri Beef Industry Council (MBIC) presented a check for $100,000 to the Saint Louis Science Center, for use in developing a new interactive exhibit opening summer 2016 at the Saint Louis Science Center. The exhibit as an educational resource helping tell the story of agriculture and the beef industry. This funding opportunity is another avenue in which the MBIC is reaching out to consumers and sharing the beef story through innovation and interaction.

“It is exciting that the Missouri Beef Industry Council is able to be a part of a project from its inception that is going to interactively tell the story of agriculture, and connect consumers with the farmers and ranchers that provide high quality, delicious, and nutritious food for their dinner tables,” said MBIC Board Chairman Glen Cope, Aurora, Missouri.

“We are grateful to the Missouri Beef Industry Council for their generous financial support and ongoing commitment to helping us show our visitors the science and technology of food production, including where it comes from and how it gets to our homes,” said Bert Vescolani, President and CEO of the Saint Louis Science Center. “With partners like the Missouri Beef Industry Council, we can better connect our visitors to the vast community of people who contribute to the nation’s food supply, as well as the complexities and challenges involved in the process.”

The Agriculture Exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center is an opportunity to engage consumers and energize the conversation and interest in food production, while also encouraging the next generation of farmers, ranchers, scientists, and other agriculture industry professionals. The new exhibit will cover an acre of land located next to the Science Center, and will include indoor and outdoor exhibits and activities.

“This exhibit will showcase all aspects of agriculture including beef for decades to come. The students and teachers, as well as families that visit the Saint Louis Science Center will have the unique opportunity to learn more about agriculture and utilize that knowledge to be more informed consumers and educators,” Cope said.