AHPharma & USDA Introduce High-intensity Egg Candler

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AviLightingLogo AHPharma, Inc. and the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) have teamed up for the release of the new AviLighting Egg Candler, a high-intensity, cost-effective egg candler that has been specifically-designed to meet USDA regulations.

The candler provides an effective, eco-friendly tool for identifying cracks, abnormal sacks and blood yolk spots, allowing producers numerous benefits, such as its ease of use and cost efficiency.

“For years, the only options have been bulky and overpriced devices that employ inefficient lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs,” says Dr. James L. McNaughton, president & CEO of AHPharma. “After realizing this void in the marketplace and attempting to develop their own LED replacement, the USDA reached out to our company. Based on their very specific requirements, we designed a high-intensity, long-life solution for candling both white and brown poultry eggs.”

The new stationary AviLighting Egg Candler LED candling device operates with 4000 K (~120 lumens @ 350 mA) to work equally well with brown and white eggs. It is height adjustable, touch-operated, dimmable and operates with a flexible benchtop mount.

This production model of the AviLighting Egg Candler is expected to cost less than one quarter of the prices found in competing products. The candler is set for a release in December 2015, and additional plans are underway for the introduction of a mobile candling unit; the mobile units will be extremely beneficial for inspectors working on the road at grocery stores or warehouses, as well as backyard flock supervisors seeking to candle eggs onsite.

For more information on the new AviLighting Egg Candler from AHPharma please visit their website.