FutureCow Introduces ComfortBrush for Calves

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Animal Health, calf, Calves, Company Announcement, Technology

FutureCow The cow care experts at FutureCow announced this week that they have introduced a new addition to the ComfortBrush line of automated grooming products. ComfortBrush for calves is the first automated brush designed specifically for calves, with features that work to help enrich calf development and growth.

“The FutureCow ComfortBrush for calves is the latest innovation in our line of ComfortBrushes that are designed to groom and stimulate the animal, creating a happier, healthier and more productive environment,” says Kevin Dole, president of FutureCow. “University validated, ComfortBrushes have moved from a luxury item to a necessity and are now available for the entire herd.”

ComfortBrush for calves is recommended for use in calves 2-6 months of age, and has been shown to reduce stress, exfoliate the skin, decrease fly and parasite stress, and create a more comfortable environment for the animal.

The brush features a motion sensor that activates upon movement, not touch, and the exclusive ComfortBrush Omni-Joint technology allows calves to comfortably position the brush themselves. The stationary motor and gearbox drastically reduce wear and tear, and the brush’s multiple electrical options make installation incredibly easy.

For more information on the ComfortBrush for calves, please visit the FutureCow website.