Merial Preps Producers on Winter Health

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Cattle, Deworming, NAFB, Vaccine, Veterinary

nafb-15-158-editedDr. Tony Moravec is a Technical Service Veterinarian at Merial where he has been working for almost ten years now. He took the time to speak with Jamie Johansen at the NAFB conference to talk about vaccines, winter health, and the use of antibiotics.

One of Merial’s most exciting projects has been the introduction of LongRange, an injectable, long-acting dewormer for cattle. The dewormer is available with a prescription from your veterinary and can control parasites for 150 days, learning to better weight gain, more reproductive efficiencies, and improved weaning weights.

One study used 15,000 cattle on 18 sites and in 9 states. On average the cattle on the Long Range dewormer gained an additional third pound per day.

“What we’ve gotten feed back wise has been astounding from cattle producers,” says Dr. Moravec. “Top to bottom, no matter the location, no matter what products they’ve been using, or what kind of cattle they’re running, or what kind of pasture they’re running on we’ve seen results that make us kind of blush. It’s a product that goes above and beyond what the product is labeled to do.”

Listen to the rest of his interview, including tips for getting cattle ready for winter. Interview with Dr.Tony Moravec

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