Genetics are Key for American Angus

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nafb-15-93-moserAt the American Angus booth at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk, Jamie Johansen interviewed Dan Moser, President of Angus Genetics, Inc., and Kara Lee, the Production Brand Manager at Certified Angus Beef LLC.  Both discussed the changing world of the cattle market in regards to genetics.

“Well, I think for commercial producers who are using superior genetics we’re starting to see now feeder cattle being less of a commodity,” said Dan Moser.  ” We’re seeing more value differences reflected in the marketplace.  So for a commercial cow/calf producers whose using superior genetics, registered Angus bulls with better than ever GPDs, or carcass traits as well as production traits, they are now able to sell those cattle at a premium and so they are a little more insulated from market fluctuation because there is always a demand for cattle that feed well and trade well in the end.”

He sees the future as bright for those investing in improving the genetics of their herd.  Farmers have the ability to offer consumers greater satisfaction because of the high quality of their product.  Listen to the full interview to hear his thoughts on the matter. Dan Moser, President, Angus Genetics

nafb-15-95-cab Kara Lee also spoke of the role the draught in many cattle producing states has had in ensuring producers keep their very best traits in their down-sized herds.  Farmers and ranchers have better tools for making decisions, she notes, and the silver lining for those in difficult circumstances has been and rise in quality with the lose in quantity.

“Our overall acceptance rate [for Certified Angus Beef] over this past year averaged 27 and a half percent over the 12 month fiscal year.  To put that into a little bit of context for you, 10 years ago that would have been only 14 percent.  So the overall quality of the animals coming into the packing plant today is better than it’s ever been and we’re extremely optimistic about that moving forward.”

Hear her interview for more of Kara’s thoughts on the future of Angus. Kara Lee, Production Manger, Certified Angus Beef

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