Our Top 10 Animal Posts for 2015

Jamie JohansenZimmComm

Animal Top TenTime to look back through 2015 and see what posts you enjoyed the most. Here are our most viewed posts using website traffic only. Maybe if we factored in all the social media posts we’ve done things would look different. Many of the most viewed/read/visited posts were from previous years. We didn’t include them in this Top Ten list, but it is a good example of the longevity of our stories.

Do you have a favorite Animal AgWired post from 2015?

1. Good Hands, Great Hearts
2. The Catch-Ride Of A Lifetime
3. National Make It With Wool Winners
4. AQHA-PRCA Horses of the Year Announced
5. HSUS Investigator Speaks Out Against Group
6. SurveyMonkey Users Don’t Support HSUS, But They Do
7. Enzyme Research at Novus
8. Pork Industry Reacts to Subway Announcement
9. Chicken Litter – A Hot Commodity
10. Science Doesn’t Support IARC Opinion on Meat & Cancer