Eggs Join List of Dietary Guidelines Approved

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Eggs, Food, Health, usda

eggThe 2015 Dietary Guidelines has removed a daily limit on dietary cholesterol and includes eggs in all three recommended healthy eating patterns. The American Egg Board said eggs have been shown to reduce the risk of major chronic health conditions facing Americans.

“The U.S. has joined many other countries and expert groups like the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology that do not have an upper limit for cholesterol intake in their dietary guidelines,” says Mitch Kanter, PhD, Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Center.

While many Americans avoided eggs for years due to their cholesterol content, that thinking has evolved. In a recent survey conducted by the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC), three-quarters of respondents (74 percent) do not let the dietary cholesterol in eggs impact their decision on how many eggs they eat. And more than three in five consumers (61 percent) also noted that the amount of cholesterol in the foods they are buying is of low concern to them, according to a Google Survey conducted online for the Egg Nutrition Center.