Novus Offers Sustainable Antibiotic-Free Platform

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ajay-bhoyar-novus While the conflicts surrounding successful antibiotic-free animal production are already a hot-button issue in the industry this year, the team at Novus International is choosing to focus on the company’s innovative solutions for their customers concerned about antibiotic-free production.

Ajay Bhoyar, Executive Global Poultry Marketing Manager for Novus, sat down at the
International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) for an interview on this topic, and what antibiotic-free solutions Novus is bringing to the table.

“Antibiotic-free animal production is gaining momentum all over the world; It started with Europe, then the US began to take initiative on it, and it is percolating throughout the world, even in countries where the legislation is not yet there, animal producers have started preparing for this.” said Bhoyar. “Novus recognizes that it is coming, and they are one of the best placed companies to help the customers go forward with antibiotic-free production.”

Many of the solutions Novus offers antibiotic-free producers have been around for a while, showcasing the company’s long standing commitment and mission to sustainability and innovation.

“We have products like methionine, which is basically an organic acid, and products like enzymes, minerals, and feed quality products, and all of these solutions that Novus offers help in taking the holistic approach for producing antibiotic-free animal products,” said Bhoyar. “Novus always strives for solutions, services, and sustainability, and I would say that some of the solutions offered are so sustainable that they have been there for the past 25 years, and they will continue to be there to serve our customer and to help them produce food at an affordable cost and help feed the world.”

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Ajay here:
Interview with Ajay Bhoyar, Novus International

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