Cattlemen's Beef Board CEO Talks Long-Range Plan

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PollyRuhlandThe 2016 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show brought beef leaders together to San Diego and one of those key leaders was Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) CEO, Polly Ruhland. The board has put together a long-range plan and she was eager to share elements the group of beef experts have slated for the next five years.

“We believe that strategically in order to complete a long-range plan you have to have your governance structure achieve those strategic imperatives.”

Polly said an example of this is in a new committee on consumer trust. “The new long-range plan identifies gaining additional consumer trust, including consumers in a our beef community, producers on one end of the spectrum and eaters on the other side.”

CBB has also recently conducted a producer attitude survey to ensure those producers who pay into the checkoff are happy with how the dollars are being spent. “Our approval with all producers is 78%, which is near the top of where it has been in history. But I think the more exciting news is our approval rating among younger producers is at 84%. These younger producers are not afraid to go out and seek information when they want it.”

Polly said the survey showed those younger producers know more about the checkoff than their older counterparts. The more you are informed about the checkoff is highly correlated to a higher approval rating.

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