ASA Connects With Poultry Producers

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steve-yoder-edited The American Soybean Association (ASA) made an appearance at the 2016 International Production and Processing expo (IPPE), taking the time to meet several of the soybean industry’s major customers from the poultry industry. Steve Yoder, a soybean farmer from Altha, Florida, and the director of the ASA was on hand for an interview during the expo, and discussed the organization’s main goals during the large, poultry-centered event.

“For ASA to be here, to meet customers from around the world, and tie in the relations of what it takes to grow product and export it for a quality and consist product is so important,” said Yoder. “It’s incredibly important for us to be at this expo and to be having these discussions.”

Yoder also touched on how the soybean industry was affected by the major outbreak of avian influenza that swept through the nation last summer.

“The poultry industry is a large customer of ours, both domestically and internationally. There are three faces to the outbreak: the production, the commercial side, and the political side,” said Yoder. Obviously ASA is heavily is heavily involved in monitoring the situation, and has been meeting with USDA and others that have influences on how to best monitor the outbreak. It’s important to stay abreast of the situation and do all that we can as industry to support each other and help our customers.”

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Interview with Steve Yoder, ASA

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