EPNIX Feedlot Program from Alltech

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073Alltech has launched EPNIX, a new feeding program to give cattle producers a competitive advantage in the feedyard. The animal health company debuted the program during the recent Cattle Industry Convention and I spoke with Dr. Vaughn Holder, beef research project manager at Alltech, to take in what EPNIX will provide feeders across the country.

“EPNIX is the combination of five or six years of research we have been doing internally. It is a program designed to improve the health and profitability of beef feedlot cattle. It does so independent of the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceutical technologies.”

Dr. Holder said EPNIX is not designed as a replacement for antibiotics, but works in a separate manner because it is a completely new type of technology. “We focus on designing nutrients and nutrient strategies to maximize the animals ability to express it’s genetic potential.”

A major component of the program is powered by 100 percent organic trace minerals through Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology (TRT). Recent research shows that producers can feed substantially lower amounts of organic trace minerals than the inorganic alternative and achieve similar, if not better, performance in cattle.

He also made a point that their goal was not to box themselves off in an antibiotic-free corner. “It just so happens that the way we do things fits with that program. We have been participating in this industry for 35 years when there weren’t venues for antibiotic-free. But it certainly works in both circumstances.”

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