Five Years of Alltech's Global Feed Survey

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ippe-16-aidan-connolly Alltech has released the data from its 5th consecutive Global Feed Survey, an annual report that outlines an estimate of the world’s feed tonnage and trends to date. The survey contains data from 131 countries around the world, and is intended to serve as an industry resource for the coming year.

“The UN came to us five years ago and told us that they were really struggling with the statistics of the world for feed,” said Aidan Connolly, Chief Innovation Officer for Alltech, during an interview at the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE). “Feed is really central to how we feed the world, so when we think about security and sustainability, the feed industry is really in the middle of all of that. And to not know exactly how much we’re making is a problem.”

The report has found that just short of one billion tons of feed are being produced globally, with China in the number one spot. Half of the feed produced globally goes to feed poultry birds, and a third of animal feed goes to different countries in Asia. The primary cereal used in production is corn, and the primary protein source is soybean meal.

“In principle this is a business that is worth 450 billion a year, so its a tremendous business. We wanted to see what making a billion tons of feed means for the industry in terms of corn and soybean usage,” said Connolly. “”We also looked at feed prices, and though people complain about prices here, the prices in China are almost twice what we pay here. It gives us an idea of where the economics of the business might be.”

While producers and retails certainly find benefit from each report published by Alltech, the data is also proving to be paramount for legislators and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who are faced with important decisions regarding agriculture and our food supply.

“We have felt that its very important for agriculture to be able to make the messages clear, and to have numbers to stand behind, when we’re dealing with government officials,” said Connolly.

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