Zoetis Genomics Tests Enhance Beef Production

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anderson Zoetis is continuing to use genetics and genomics to enable producers to more affordably and accurately predict genetic merit of registered Angus animals, with technology that offers Angus breeders and commercial cow-calf producers unprecedented opportunities for success down the road.

The company offers two genomics tests through Angus Genetics Inc. Both the HD 50K and i50K tests offer the most cutting-edge genotyping and imputation technology, and have proven to be highly accurate and dependable in generating genomically enhanced EPDs, indexes, accuracy values and associated progeny equivalents in tested animals.

“Our testing services, HD50k and i50K, are incorporated into weekly genetic evaluations to compute genomic enhanced EPDs that have more dependable genetic predictions for all the traits in their evaluation, so that the bulls being sold can be more dependably purchased for a specified reason,” said Kent Anderson, Director of Global Technical Services for Zoetis Animal Genetics, during an interview at the 2016 Cattle Industry Convention.

The technology of the tests also inform genetic merit for traits that have historically been time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to measure, such as dry matter intake and feed conversion, carcass merit, or daughter productivity. The DNA marker information works by helping to inform the prediction so that a more dependable decision can be made.

“Were coming upon the busy spring bull sale season, so a lot of cow-calf producers are in the market for Angus bulls that are best situated for their operation. A tested bull will have EPDs that will have accuracy equivalent to what would otherwise require a first calf crop worth of information contributing to the evaluation to achieve. So the commercial cow-calf producer benefits because they’re buying bulls that have a lot more dependability associated with their genetic prediction for
whatever reasons.”

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