Animal Ag Alliance Re-Releases Blog

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Animal Ag Alliance, Communications

animalagalliance The Animal Agriculture Alliance recently announced the re-release of their “Real Farmers, Real Food” blog, featuring a new name and refreshed design. The blog has been re-named “Animal Ag Engage,” and features content about hot topics in animal agriculture.

“The new name and look more accurately capture the content we share and our mission of bridging the communication gap between farm and fork,” said Casey Whitaker, communications coordinator at the Alliance. “The three pillars included in our mission are Connect, Engage, and Protect. Our blog falls perfectly under the engage part of our mission, so the name came naturally.”

The blog has earned almost 50,000 views since its 2014 installment, and features more than 65 posts. The blog post topics range from the truth behind undercover videos, animal rights group history and strategies, busting common myths to animal care, youth in agriculture and food trends.

Alliance staff and interns author many of the posts, and several guest posts by College Aggies Online participants are also featured.

Read the entire blog here.