Common Ground Takes Families Out To Ranch

Lizzy SchultzAdvocate, Ag Group, Animal Welfare, Ranches, Video

CGlogo CommonGround has launched a new video on animal welfare, highlighting how ranchers care for their animals. The short piece features Colorado CommonGround volunteer and rancher Kelsey Pope and her mother, Cindy Frasier, and helps consumers that are actively looking for the story behind their food.

The video shows Pope and her family out together working on their ranch. Together, Frasier and Pope share a multigenerational perspective on the importance of animals to their family, particularly animal health, and how it impacts them as American ranchers on a family farm.

“The animals make our family what it is,” Pope says. “We love being able to work with the animals every day, being out there with them and getting to know their personalities. They are the reason we are able to do what they do and, in turn, our animals take care of us.”

With about 39 percent of corn demand generated by livestock use, helping consumers address their concerns about animal welfare directly supports the interests of American farmers as well as ranchers. By sharing all of the stories behind the food on American families’ plates, farmers can work to create the transparency consumers increasingly desire.