Purdue Study Reveals ManureMagic Success

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manure-magic DryLet, LLC recently announced the results of a Purdue University study that highlight the ability of ManureMagic to reduce deadly hydrogen sulfide gas and noxious odors generated in pig farming operations.

The 42-Day study was conducted by Dr. Albert Heber in Purdue’s Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering. The research tested the efficacy of ManureMagic in reducing hydrogen sulfide, as well as odor from swine manure under controlled lab conditions.

“The evaluation of ManureMagic for reducing gas and odor emissions was completed in the same lab used for the National Pork Producers Council test of manure additives in 2000,” said Dr. Heber.

Researchers found that at typical doses, ManureMagic significantly reduced hydrogen sulfide by 30 percent, and that odor release was reduced by 40 percent. As much as a 50 percent reduction in hydrogen sulfide was also observed at elevated dosing rates, and the use of ManureMagic had no observable negative effects on manure fertilizer value, which is critical in large production operations due to its secondary usage.

This breakthrough in swine manure management comes at a time when The results of this study have been revealed as the swine industry continues to be concerned about high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas build up in manure storage facilities.

“We are extremely pleased to have third-party research validation of the hydrogen sulfide and odor reduction benefits that ManureMagic provides our customers,” said Steve Ellis, Founder and Executive Vice President Sales of DryLet, LLC. “We have observed for several years that our customers have benefited in these areas, but having the validation from the Purdue University study confirms the results our end-users have found when using ManureMagic in their production facilities.”

The full Purdue article can be found here.