NPPC Highlights Policy Priorities for 2016

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neilSome of the greatest minds in the swine community gathered in New Orleans this weekend to discuss key issues and research impacting pork producers across the country. During the Ceva Swine Launch event, National Pork Producers Council’s CEO Neil Dierks talked about some of their top issues in 2016.

Food security is at the top of that list. “The world is shrinking. Globalization is real which means pathogens can cross borders very rapidly which can raise questions on health in the herds,” Dierks said during an interview with Chuck Zimmerman.

Dierks is pleased with the proactive stance companies are taking with new regulations coming into place. No one is going to have all the answers, but Dierks says progress is the key. The advancement in technology have provided the ability to react to new pathogens, biosecurity measures or other changes easier, but some systems are still needing improvement. Dierks reference PED as an example of this.

“Demand says safe, quality food is our job. Adding value to the customer. But there are others things that are scary and need to be worked on.” The NPPC has called on lawmakers to work with the Obama Administration to improve the ability of the U.S. to be prepared to deal with a foreign pest infestations or disease outbreak. Read more about the call to action here.

Other elements NPPC is focusing on throughout 2016 include: support of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), issues surrounding the environment and outreach to retailers identifying their expectations. Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Dierks here: Interview with Neil Dierks, NPPC

You can find lots of photos from the event here: Ceva U.S. Swine Launch Photo Album