Ceva's New Swine Division Offers New Approach

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Animal Health, Audio, Ceva, Swine

gary-robertsonGary Robertson is the Director of the newly launched U.S. Swine Business Unit for Ceva Animal Health.  For the past four to five years the team at Ceva has been working behind the scenes to assemble the swine division.  They’ve listened to the customers’ needs and taken that information to create something that is differentiated and better than what is on the market today.

More than just vaccines, although they offer that too, the company will have a strong focus on different approaches to animal health, including alternative ways to apply vaccines and equipment to help reduce labor and improve compliance when giving the medication.

The most important part of their new business, however, is the people behind it.  Robertson is committed to creating a team who can wake up with no barriers to what they can do.  And that “lean, mean, swat team” is offering something different from other companies because of their commitment to providing what veterinarians need.

“We are led by vets, focused on vets. That’s very different from the current environment for other companies,” Robertson said.  “We heard the word “responsive.” We’re small enough yet strong enough we will be responsive to vets, therfore vets will be more responsive to their customers.”

To hear more about the new Swine division, listen to the full interview here: Interview with Gary Robertson, Ceva

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