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cleassic16-alltech-carly Alltech Crop Science was working hard during the 2016 Commodity Classic, talking with growers about new ways to help them raise their bottom line during the tough growing season and sharing their latest yield-boosting technologies with attendees.

“With commodity prices down, we have got to increase yield to make sure growers are making money at the end of the season,” said Carly Borel, Business Development Manager, in an interview during the event. “We’re doing that by helping growers improve crop health and ensuring that their crops are able to withstand the stresses they endure throughout the season.”

Alltech was promoting a new range of Liqui- Plex micronutrient packages, as well as biostimulants that work to increase yield by increasing the energy within a crops.

“We really look at complexing organic complexes like amino acids, they have so much more bioavailability through foliar nutrition compared to the chelates on the market,” said Borel.

Borel also discussed the topics that Alltech Crop Science will be discussing at Alltech One, the theme for this year’s Alltech idea conference that will be held May 22-25 in Lexington, Kentucky. The symposium never fails to impress, and over 5000 attendees are expected to attend.

Listen to Jamie’s full interview with Carly here:
Interview with Carly Borel, Alltech

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