Veterinarians Lead Ceva Animal Health

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ceva-aasv-16-holtcamp The launch of Ceva‘s new U.S. Swine Division has caused quite a stir within the pork industry and the company is glad to shake things up a little by offering a new perspective along with their new products. Long before the new division made its way into the public eye, research was being done to see what it was producers really needed.

Now the company is taking off, with trials underway to address all three of the top challenges faced by producers today; PRRS, PED, and PCV. In addition to their concern for the customers’ needs, Ceva’s new division also stands out because of the people behind it. Unlike many businesses, this one is led by those who really understand the product and have been on the front line of treating pigs. Veterinarians are a key part of this organization, Andrew Holtcamp, a veterinarian himself for Ceva, tells Chuck Zimmerman.

“Its strictly an animal health company with a number of veterinarians that are in ownership and leadership of that role, so it takes a lot of other distractions out of the business, away from the business so we can concentrate strictly on animal health.”

Learn more about the new Swine Division in Holtcamp’s interview: Andrew Holtcamp, Ceva

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