How to Talk to Consumers about Food

Joanna SchroederAdvocate, Audio, Bayer

bayer-agvocate-daughertyTyson Foods VP of Sustainable Food Production Dr. Christine Daugherty took the stage last week during the Bayer AgVocacy Forum in New Orleans to discuss global food business trends.

One of those trends is both women and men feeling guilty about the food they put on the table. In fact, eight out of 10 women feel especially guilty on the food they are preparing for themselves or their family and seven out of 10 men feel guilty she said. She asked the audience, “How do we address this issue?”

“We need to make sure consumers understand what they’re eating and feel good about it. It’s safe, it’s affordable, it’s sustainable,” Daugherty. She added that consumers expect food companies to give that assurance and to discuss things like how the animal was raised.

She said at Tyson Foods they are working on making sure the information they convey about their food products are transparent, simple and understandable.

To learn more about how Tyson Foods is communicating to consumers about food, listen to Dr. Christine Daugherty’s remarks: Dr. Christine Daugherty, Tyson Foods

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