Pingree Farms Celebrates Birth of Quad Lambs in Detroit

Jamie JohansenAg Group, Education, Lamb, Sheep

pingree-logo-circleA, now famous, Columbia ewe from Pingree Farms gave birth to quadruplets. The lambs arrived March 6th throughout a three hour period starting.

Only one in five-hundred births of this breed are quadruplets, and only one in one-thousand births do all four survive.

New farm manager Holly Glomski explains, “This is a very rare experience in agriculture for this particular breed of sheep. Typically they give birth to twins. Quads is really an overachievement.”

Glomski joined Pingree Farms less than two months ago. Trained as an educator, her career has included farm management, animal husbandry, and teaching.

“Being a farm manager at Pingree allows me to bring together all my passions in life – livestock, education, and agriculture. The kids learn how their food is produced and realize potential career pathways they have never been exposed to before.”

When Martha, the momma ewe, became exhausted days after giving birth to the Pingree Quads, urgent care was provided at the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she was brought back to health. Momma Martha recently returned to the farm and is once again nursing the Pingree Quads.

Supplemental feedings are being provided daily at three hour intervals. Detroit middle school children participating in the Education Achievement Authorities (EAA) educational programs with Pingree Farms have been able to take part in the supplemental bottle feeding and care of the Pingree Quads.